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The state should not be trusted with the death penalty
An economic system must have some sort of regulation
Capitalism is an evil system of oppression
Everyone must assimilate into our culture to keep unity
Regulation hurts the economy and the consumer
The government should not tell you that you cannot have weapons in certain areas
The individual cannot be trusted with lethal weapons
Drugs are harmful to society and therefore should be criminalized
From each according to his ability, to each according to his need
The state should only control policing, the courts, and the prisons
No state is tyranny-proof
Socialism is an evil system of theft
The poor should pull themselves by their bootstraps
The Nazis did nothing wrong
A welfare state is the right way to combat wealth inequality
The government must be wiped clean of corruption and unconstitutional laws
Hard work and good ideas will give you great success
Rehabilitation should be the primary focus of the justice system
We should invade countries that pose a risk to national security
Private property should be respected
Coorporations cannot be trusted to own public roads, electricity, and water
Homosexuality is a bad influence
There should be no state
Free speech is a must
Class differences deeply divides the nation
Some people are born criminals and cannot be rehabilitated
We must nationalize Twitter and other social media platforms
The markets know better than the government
Employers know how much labor is worth, so the minimum wage is useless
If you don't know if you are for me or Trump, then you ain't black
Healthcare and quality education are human rights
Law enforcement should not bypass privacy rights, and everyone must have a fair trial