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Diplomacy/Culture Compass
Homosexuality is against my values.
We must strive to maintain our traditions.
Religion has a negative impact on society.
Ideally, women should be encouraged to stay in the home and tend to their natural duties.
There are only two genders.
Racism is still omnipresent in our society.
It is best that different races stick to their own kind.
We should do away with the gender binary.
Transgender people are valid.
The idea that human lives are infinitely more valuable than animal lives is foolish.
Abortion is comparable to murder.
Society was better in the past.
The traditional nuclear family is based off of homophobia and sexism and should be done away with.
We must tear down the traditional social institutions and replace them with egalitarian alternatives.
Premarital sex is immoral.
You cannot be moral without being religious.
When a woman makes a sexual misconduct allegation, our first instinct should be to believe her.
"Tradition" is merely used as an excuse to protect the politics of supremacy.
There is a natural order to society that should not be disrupted.
There is nothing wrong with sex work.
The oppression of woman, BIPOC, and LGBTQ individuals are one and the same struggle for basic human dignity.
Modernity has been disastrous for society.
Eating meat is immoral.
I support Black Lives Matter.
If we stray from our traditional roots, society will fall into chaos.
My nation is the best one on earth.
The United Nations should have more power.
My nation shouldn't concern itself with the well-being of foreigners.
A good citizen is a citizen who takes pride in their nation's history and heritage.
The existence of many competing nation states is an inherent threat to the survival of humanity.
Human beings from across the world share a common identity.
I will always support my nation no matter what.
My nation must apologize for and rectify the wrongs it has committed against other nations.
National pride is a silly concept.
It is only natural to be suspicious of outsiders.
Diplomacy is overrated.
We must rid ourselves of foreign influence.
The nations of the world should unite to form a global government.
Borders should eventually be abolished.
A cabal of outsiders seeks to subvert our nation.
We should spend more on international aid.
Many modern day problems can only be solved through international partnership and cooperation.
Global organizations are needed to ensure accountability and prevent rogue states from causing war and turmoil.
Only my country can understand my interests.
Globalization has been great for the world economy.
Brexit was a good idea.
The people of a nation are united by an unbreakable loyalty and dedication to the homeland.
Internationalism only hinders our nation from taking what is rightfully ours.
Allegiance to a nation is irrational, Our allegiances should lie only with ourselves and/or our fellow human beings.
Ensuring human rights takes precedence over respecting national sovereignty